Get The Intelligence and Data That Matters

   A global security company utilized The Online Body Guard to monitor content that was being published by an individual who was suspected of illegally importing fake OEM automotive parts into the United States.
   By monitoring and locating content in major search engines that had been published in automotive part forums, and, identifying images that had been posted to Facebook, the individual’s identity and activity were both ascertained.
   In cooperation with law enforcement, the global security company utilized information collected from The Online Body Guard to effect an arrest on the individual.

Protect Your Personal and Corporate Brands

   A law firm in Maryland learned that another law firm was competing against them for placement in major search engines. Upon further discovery, it was also realized that the competing law firm was using the name of the other law firm to try and win rankings in major search engines.
   The Online Body Guard was used to monitor the activity of the competing law firm and the information collected helped the client to create valuable content that won fantastic placement in major search engines.
   The result of using The Online Body Guard was that the law firm won its online reputation back from the competing law firm and it also enjoyed an 18% increase in case load in approximately 12 months’ time because of their online marketing efforts.

Maximize Your Online Marketing Efforts

   A cosmetic surgeon in Michigan was seeking to maximize his social media advertising budget. However, the challenge was deciding upon which social media platform the budget would be spent.
   The Online Body Guard was used to monitor content published to the practice social media accounts with factors such as likes, shares, and re-posts incorporated into the evaluation of each platform.
   Because of how it leverages images, Pinterest became the clear favorite and the subsequent advertising campaign resulted in over 30,000 viewers to the account in a 30-day time frame.